Your Ultimate Guide to Budgeting for a Trip to Cambodia: A Detailed Cost Breakdown


If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, it’s essential to budget your expenses accordingly. Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of accommodation, food, transportation, activities, and more.


Cambodia is a country of vibrant culture and history that attracts millions of tourists every year. From exploring ancient temples to sampling the local cuisine, there are endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. However, one of the biggest concerns for travelers is the cost of traveling to Cambodia. In this post, we’ll give you a detailed budget breakdown to help you plan your trip.


Accommodation is a significant expense for any traveler, but in Cambodia, you can find options to suit any budget. Hostels and guesthouses are the most budget-friendly option, with prices ranging from $5 to $15 per night. If you prefer more privacy and amenities, mid-range hotels are available for $20 to $40 per night. For those looking for luxury, you can expect to pay upwards of $100 per night for high-end hotels and resorts.


Your Ultimate Guide to Budgeting for a Trip to Cambodia: A Detailed Cost Breakdown

Cambodian cuisine is a highlight of any trip to Cambodia, and it’s also incredibly affordable. Street food is plentiful and delicious, with prices starting from $1 to $2 per meal. For a sit-down meal in a local restaurant, expect to pay between $5 to $10. Western-style restaurants are pricier, but still affordable, with prices ranging from $10 to $20 per meal.


Transportation in Cambodia is relatively cheap and easy to navigate. Tuk-tuks are a common mode of transport, and prices start from $1 to $2 for short trips. Taxis are a bit more expensive, with prices ranging from $5 to $10 for short journeys. Buses are the cheapest option for longer journeys, with prices starting from $10 for a six-hour trip. Popular bus companies include Giant Ibis, Mekong Express, and Virak Buntham.


Cambodia is home to numerous historical sites, such as the famous Angkor Wat, and other cultural experiences. The cost of visiting these sites varies, but a day pass usually costs around $20 to $30. If you plan to visit multiple sites, it may be worth purchasing a multi-day pass. Other activities like cooking classes and cultural tours range from $10 to $50, depending on the length and type of activity.

Cambodian temple

Miscellaneous expenses:

Travel insurance is recommended for all travelers, and prices vary depending on the level of coverage you choose. A visa is required to enter Cambodia, and it costs $30 for a tourist visa on arrival. Souvenirs can be found throughout the country, and prices vary depending on what you’re looking for.

Budget breakdown:

Based on the above costs, a daily budget of $25 to $30 per person is reasonable for backpackers and budget travelers. For mid-range travelers, a daily budget of $40 to $60 per person will cover accommodation, food, transportation, and activities. Luxury travelers can expect to pay upwards of $100 per day.


Cambodia is a country that offers an incredible experience for all types of travelers, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. By planning ahead and budgeting accordingly, you can enjoy all the country has to offer without overspending. Remember to factor in all the costs mentioned above when planning your trip, and you’ll be able to have an unforgettable adventure in Cambodia without worrying about your finances.

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