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Ready for Your Next Outdoor Adventure?

Are you tired of lugging around heavy, cumbersome stoves on your camping trips? Do you crave a simpler, more efficient solution for cooking in the great outdoors? The Dual-Purpose Portable Gas Stove Model 155 is here to transform your outdoor cooking experience. Compact, lightweight, and incredibly efficient, this camping stove is perfect for solo adventurers or couples seeking a reliable cooking solution on the go. Imagine setting up camp, unfolding this sleek, one-piece gas stove, and having a hot meal ready in minutes.

No more struggling with complicated setups or unreliable equipment. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, this gas stove ensures you’ll spend less time fussing and more time enjoying your adventure. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness or enjoying a weekend getaway, the Model 155 is your trusty companion, ready to make every meal a delight.

Why Choose the Dual-Purpose Portable Gas Stove?

Free Delivery – Convenience at Your Doorstep

Why stress about additional costs when you can get this fantastic camping stove delivered to your doorstep for free? We offer free delivery because we believe in adding value without hidden charges. Imagine the ease of placing an order and simply waiting for your new portable gas stove to arrive. No extra fees, no hassle – just you and your new outdoor cooking companion.

Worldwide Shipping Available – Adventure Awaits, Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, the Dual-Purpose Portable Gas Stove can be yours. We understand that adventurers come from all corners of the globe, which is why we offer worldwide shipping. Whether you’re in the heart of a bustling city or the tranquility of a remote village, your next adventure starts with the right gear. This portable gas stove is designed to accompany you on journeys far and wide.

Best Quality – Built to Last

When it comes to outdoor gear, quality is non-negotiable. The Dual-Purpose Portable Gas Stove Model 155 is crafted with premium materials, ensuring it stands up to the rigours of outdoor use. Made in China under stringent quality control, this stove guarantees durability and performance. Picture yourself cooking a hearty meal on a robust stove that won’t let you down, even in challenging conditions. Quality you can trust means peace of mind on every adventure.

Perfect for Outdoor Usage and Camping – Your Ideal Outdoor Companion

The great outdoors is unpredictable, but your stove shouldn’t be. The Model 155 gas stove is designed specifically for camping and outdoor usage. Its one-piece structure makes it incredibly easy to set up and use, perfect for those impromptu camping trips or planned hikes. With its reliable performance in ordinary outdoor environments, you can focus on the beauty around you rather than your cooking setup. Imagine a stove that’s as ready for adventure as you are.

More Reasons to Love the Model 155

Lightweight and Portable – Freedom to Roam

Weighing in at just 1.4 kg, this camping gas stove is a breeze to carry. Its compact design means it fits easily into your backpack, leaving you more room for other essentials. Think of the freedom to explore without being weighed down by bulky equipment. Wherever your adventure takes you, the Model 155 is light enough to follow.

Efficient Gas Usage – Cook More with Less

This gas stove is not only powerful but also efficient. It uses gas economically, ensuring you get the most out of every canister. Imagine cooking multiple meals on a single gas canister – that’s the efficiency and reliability you need on the trail. Spend less time worrying about fuel and more time enjoying your outdoor experience.

Safe and Easy to Use – Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount when you’re out in nature. The Model 155 is designed with safety features that make it easy to use, even for beginners. Its stable base and reliable ignition system ensure that you can cook without the worry of accidents. Picture yourself effortlessly starting your stove and cooking up a delicious meal, safe in the knowledge that your equipment is built to keep you secure.

Join the Adventure – Get Yours Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. The Dual-Purpose Portable Gas Stove Model 155 is more than just a stove; it’s your gateway to hassle-free, enjoyable outdoor adventures. Whether you’re planning a solo trip or a romantic getaway, this stove is designed to meet your needs. Click “Add to Cart” now and start your next adventure with the best gear by your side.

Product information

Model: 155

Net weight: 1.4

Whether to bring a barbecue grill: No

Grill/pan specifications: none

Applicable number: 1-2 people

Item No.: 155

made in China

Stove category: gas stove

Furnace structure: one-piece

Applicable environment: Ordinary outdoor environment

Packing list

Air stove x1


Portable Gas Stove - Dual Purpose | Camping Stove - Cassette-Stove
Portable Gas Stove - Dual Purpose | Camping Stove - Cassette-Stove
Portable Gas Stove - Dual Purpose | Camping Stove - Cassette-Stove
Portable Gas Stove - Dual Purpose | Camping Stove - Cassette-Stove
Portable Gas Stove - Dual Purpose | Camping Stove - Cassette-Stove

Additional information


1.40 kg


340 × 260 × 90 cm


Dual purpose black , Single use black

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